Sailing Mirrors Collectors Pack

SAILING MIRRORS - Track listing:

Danse Away Your Love

Sailing Mirrors

Valerio's Theme

Hiding in Plain Sight

Kill U Later

And I Wonder



We Fall

The Danse Society

Sailing Mirrors

Everything and More!

Very Limited Signed Collectors Edition Pack (only 40 copies)


Collectors pack + Male T-shirt (incl P&P)
Male T-shirt size
Wav or MP3?
Collectors pack + Female T-shirt (incl P&P)
Female T-shirt size
Wav or MP3?

Will ship before release date of 1st September 2020

Items included:

1) Gatefold Sleeve Multicoloured Vinyl

2) 6 panel digipack with booklet

3) Exclusive T-Shirt 

T-shirt sizes (Male) S. M. L. XL. 2XL. 3XL (Female) XS (8) S (10) M (12) L (14) XL (16) XXL (18)

4) Badge Pack

Badge pack containing 4 exclusive 25mm badges

5) 4 beautiful A4 Art prints from the album art.

6) Digital Download in MP3 or WAV